My research has led to the following list of publications. For information about manuscripts under review or about to be submitted, please contact me directly.

Peer-reviewed journal articles

2022 (forthcoming)Cnossen, B. & Bencherki, N. ‘Artful Legitimacy: The Role of Materiality in Practices of Legitimation’. (Conditionally accepted at Organization Studies).
2022Beyes, T., Cnossen, B., Ashcraft, K., & Bencherki, N. ‘Who’s afraid of the senses? Organization, management and the return of the sensorium’. Management Learning,  
2022Cnossen, B., & Stephenson, K. ‘Towards a Spatial Understanding of Identity Play: Coworking Spaces as Playgrounds for Identity’. Culture & Organization,  
2021Cnossen, B. ‘Creative work, self-organizing and autonomist potentiality: Snapshots taken from Amsterdam’s art factories’. European Journal of Cultural Studies, 24(2), 394–410.  
2020  Cnossen, B., De Vaujany, F.-X, & Haefliger, S. ‘The Street & Organization Studies’. Organization Studies  
2019  Cnossen, B. & Bencherki, N. ‘The Role of Space in the Emergence and Endurance of Organizational Practices: How Independent Workers Constitute the Space they Share and How it Affects their Social Relations in Return’. Human Relations, 72(6), 1057-1080.  
2019  Cnossen, B., Loots, E., & van Witteloostuijn, A. ‘Individual motivation among entrepreneurs in the creative and cultural industries: A self-determination perspective’. Creativity and Innovation Management28(3), 287-419.  
2018Cnossen, B. ‘Whose home is it anyway? Performing multiple selves in at-home ethnography’. Journal of Organizational Ethnography, 7(2), 176-185.  
2018Loots, E., Cnossen, B., & van Witteloostuijn, A. ‘Compete or Cooperate in the Creative Industry? A quasi-experimental study with Dutch cultural and creative entrepreneurs’. International Journal of Arts Management, 20(2), 20-31.  
2015Sihvonen, T., & Cnossen, B. ‘Not Only a Workplace: Reshaping Creative Work and Urban Space’. OBS – Observatorio, 47-69.

Peer-reviewed book chapters

2023 (forthcoming)Albu, O. B., Cnossen, B., & Abdallah, C. ‘Positionings:  Towards A Relational Understanding of Researchers’ Positionality as Ongoing Indeterminacy’. (Conditionally accepted for Brummans, B. H. J. M., Taylor, B. C., & Sivunen, A. (eds.) The SAGE Handbook of Qualitative Research in Organizational Communication. SAGE.).
2022Cnossen, B. ‘Sensing what a place can become: the role of place in an alternative urban community’. In: Aroles, J., de Vaujany, F.X., & Pérezts, M. (eds.) Phenomenologies and Organization Studies. Oxford University Press.   
2022Cnossen, B. & Winter, J.D. ‘“You are angels”: The intertwining of family-related practices and entrepreneurial practices in an early-stage family-run coworking space’. In: Thompson, N., Byrne, O., Teague, B., & Jenkins, A. (eds.) Research Handbook on Entrepreneurship as Practice. Edward Elgar Publishing.  
2022  Cnossen, B. ‘Where are the organizations? Accounting for the fluidity and ambiguity of organizing in the arts’. In: Basque, J., Bencherki, N., & Kuhn, T. (eds.) Routledge Handbook of the Communicative Constitution of Organizations. Routledge.  
2020  Brakel-Ahmed, F., Cnossen, B., & Schlegelmilch, J. ‘Discovering Workscapes: Towards a Typology of Collective Work Spaces’. In: Montanari, F., Mattarelli, E., and Scapolan, A.C. (eds.) Collaborative Spaces at Work: Innovation, Creativity and Relations. Routledge.  
2019  Cnossen, B. ‘From Making to Displaying: The Role of Organizational Space inShowing Creative Coolness at the Volkshotel’. In: Gill, R., Pratt, A., & Virani, T. (eds.) Creative Hubs in Question: Place, Space, and Work in the Creative Economy. Palgrave Macmillan.  
2015  Cnossen, B. ‘The Alternative World of Michel Houellebecq’. In: I. Cornils & R. Vidal (eds.) Alternative worlds: Blue Sky Thinking from 1900. Peter Lang.  
2014Cnossen, B. ‘Proliferating plants and strange-looking eyes’. In: M. Kasprzak (ed..), New Materials, New Methods (Blowup Reader 8). V2_Publishing.  

Invited journal contributions

2017  Cnossen. B. ‘Editorial: Management and Organization in the work of Michel Houellebecq’. M@n@gement, October.  
2017  Cnossen, B. ‘The (un)manageable self in Michel Houellebecq’s Soumission’. M@n@gement, October.


2014  Cnossen, B. & Olma, S. The Volkskrant building: Manufacturing Difference in Amsterdam’s Creative City. Amsterdam Creative Industries Publishing.